Nearly Old Friends, the name, comes from a Horse Feathers song which is not at all related to the internet. But I think it speaks to the way - for better or for worse - in which online culture fosters intimacy. If you read this, we'll be nearly old friends. This is a place for me to write beyond what I write for the MFA (read: I'm writing how I talk). Thanks for finding your way here, and I hope you enjoy it. 



Officially: Kayla Tanenbaum is an MFA candidate at Sarah Lawrence, focusing on nonfiction prose poetry. She lives in Brooklyn with her dog, Doug. 

Unofficially, some options for my tombstone and/or Tinder Bio: 
・Native daughter of New York City
・Short & Mouthy
・Well-read & lacking practical skills
・Librocubicularist, Sapiosexual, Snob